Workshop in Data Science and Visualization

The FIELDS Program is offering a workshop to train the next generation of researchers in big data analytics and visualization. The workshop is presented by UCR faculty, graduate students and guest lecturers from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • Goal: provide a general introduction to Big Data tools, their application and provide a solid foundation for the analysis of large datasets. Special emphasis will be given to data visualization and exploration using industry standard tools. At the end of the workshop students will be able to create distributed data analysis applications and to present their results in a meaningful way.
  • Duration: 1 month (3 lectures per week)
    • Dates: February 3rd to March 4th.
  • Location: UCR Physics Building, Room 3035
  • Topics:
    • Big data analysis tools and algorithms
    • Extracting information from big data
    • Data visualization techniques
  • Audience: undergraduate and graduate students in STEM fields with interest in data science
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  • Registration has closed [Jan 8, 2016]
  • Revised Workshop Schedule (Version 2e, dated Feb. 19th)  Learn which experts and topics will be covered in the Workshop.


Weekly Session Summary

 Session Presenter Content
Week1, session 1 & 2 Steven Jacobs (UCR Ph.D candidate, Computer Science, FIELDS Fellow)

Click HERE for session handouts

UCR GradQuant class on R

Jacob’s GradQuant class on Python

Week 2, session 1 & 2 Prof. Eamonn Keogh (UCR, Computer Science and Engineering) Click HERE for session handouts
Week 2, session 3 Prof. James Flegal (UCR, Statistics) Click HERE for session handouts
Week 3, session 1 Dr. Miguel Calvo-Aragon (UCR, Physics & Astronomy)  Dr. Calvo’s presentation
Week 3, session 2 Dr. Nathaniel Stickley (UCR, Physics & Astronomy and JPL)  Dr. Stickley’s presentation on Spark

Scripting example

Week 4, session 1 Dr. Scott Davidoff (JPL)
Week 4, session 2 Dr. Miguel Calvo-Aragon (UCR)
Week 4, session 3 Dr. Richard Doyle and Dan Crichton (JPL)
Week 5, session 1 Prof. Thomas Girke (UCR)
Week 5, session 2 Prof. Chris Mattmann (JPL/USC)
Week 5, session 3 Prof. Asantha Coorey (UCI)